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5stars A Model of Gender Equality for the 21th Century, July 9, 1998 By A Customer
This review is from: The Myth of Male Power (Paperback)
Once in a lifetime, a book appears that can change the face of mankind forever, and on the issue of de-escalating the gender wars, The Myth of Male Power may be that book. As a former Director of the New York Chapter of the National Organization of Women, and now as an Advisor to organizations such as the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Dr. Warren Farrell knows both sides of the issues as well as almost any other major writer.
What he offers is essentially a healing message of the need for understanding instead of confrontation between the genders. A basic idea of the book is that mankind is in the process of transformation from family structures suited to an agricultural/industrial economy, to structures suited to a post-industrial age.
Most of the legitimate gains of the feminist movement have come not as a result of confrontation, but because of market forces in a changing economy where women are equally qualified for most jobs. What will be most needed in the 21th century is equality for men in the home, that women have largely achieved in the workplace. The Myth of Male Power is an exploration of changing societal and individual attitudes that will be needed for that to happen, and a must read for anyone concerned for the future of mankind.
David A. Roberts, President, ACFC

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5stars A must read--for men and women, April 24, 2000 By Mark Struttin (New York, NY) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex -- 2001 publication (Paperback)
This book rocks my world. When I read it, I was at once excited to the point where and couldn't sleep and touched to point of crying. Finally, an author who not only has touched on many realities faced by men, but expresses ideas clearly and articulately with gobs of statistics and examples.
This book should be read by every male and female who cares about the subject of gender relations. Several male friends of mine have read it, with similar reactions to mine. None of my female friends, however, have taken the time. It's a shame, but maybe someday soon they will get around to it. What Farrell does so well in this book it talk about both men and women, without resorting to an "us vs. them" attitude.

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5stars If you could read one book on gender, this is it., September 13, 1998 By A Customer
This review is from: The Myth of Male Power: Why Men Are the Disposable Sex -- 2001 publication (Paperback)
I have been looking at gender differences and gender issues for many years. Growing up male, with a twin sister, taught me something about how differently boys and girls are brought up. The problem with most books about gender, a problem not found in Warren Farrell's work, is that an author motiviated enought to write about the needs or problems of his, or her own gender, too often has only his, or her own gender's best interest at heart. In Warren's early work and while being on the Board of N.O.W. in New York, Warren focused on women's issues for reasons that become clear in his later books. As Warren Farrell’s work matured, and his insights became more developed, Warren took a more balance approach which included issues regarding both genders. Warren's writtings and tapes clearly show compassion for the lives of BOTH men and women and a deeper understanding of both genders than what most writers about gender seem capable of.
If you only had time to read one book on gender, The Myth of Male Power, is the book to read. - Not because men's issues are more important than women's, but because we find women's issues in the media, the schools, and the courts, to a degree that needs a perspective regarding men's issues to balance what most of us have heard. The Myth of Male Power teaches us to see the hidden side of the lives of men. Understanding what is not obvious about men's lives helps heal gender differences and is another step toward helping all of us learn to respect both genders in the same way we sometimes need to learn about other cultures and races simply to understand where our differences come from.
Too many writers about gender seem focused on making the gulf between the lives of men and women much greater than what is good, or necessary, or true. Warren Farrell's books help bridge that gulf.
Steven C. DeLuca

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5stars Bringing Out Society's Hidden Discrimination Against Men, December 15, 2001 By J. Rose - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)
This review is from: The Myth of Male Power (Paperback)
I read this book for a class I was taking and found it to be one of the most educational and eye-opening books I have ever read. I have always thought of myself as a feminist, trying to find ways to support women's plight in a world where they seem to be getting the short end of the straw. This book showed me that there is always another side to every story, but sometimes there aren't people jumping up and down to tell their tale. Because the Women's Movement has been so successful, women do a great job getting ideas and issues out in the forefront of the news. Men on the other hand, would be ridiculed if they started making a noise about their own discrimination. This book gets out ideas and stories of men who are beaten down by society, put into dangerous jobs, and feel responsible for protecting women even if it means their own life must be sacrificed. I was astounded by how much I didn't know about what really is going on in life.

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5stars A Book which is sensitive to both genders, July 24, 1998 By A Customer
This review is from: The Myth of Male Power (Paperback)
When I read The Myth of Male Power it was the book I was waiting for. When Dr. Warren Farrell was working to empower women he encouraged them to climb the corporate ladder. He thought that's what they wanted. But they said power was about having more socially acceptable choises. Women have gained more choises. The myth of male power isn't about trying to claim men don't run governments and corporations. I'ts about more socially acceptable choices for men and how the single role men are channelled into is destructive to men, women, and their children.
I am a psychology graduate and worked in homes for wayward teens in the seventies, and subsequently worked in shelters for single women, men, and families. I intervened in hundreds of domestic disputes. I've seen women tragically battered, and I've also seen the suicidal dispair of men trapped in a set of social rules and expectations that they can't meet. I wish this book would have been available when I was doing that w! ork. This book, and Why Men Are the Way They Are have provided me with a framework to understand men and women in a way I never thought possible. And they provide a constructive way to grasp the so called gender issues and head into the future.
Read this book, and Why Men Are the Way They Are.
I have given this book to friends, doctors, psychologists, lawyers -- anyone who would make a commitment to read it. Their doubt quickly truns to facination and in the end they, like me, are astounded at what we thought we knew but actally didn't.

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5stars Wow...I never though about it like that!, June 22, 2005 By S. Tibbetts (Maine, USA) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)
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This review is from: The Myth of Male Power (Paperback)
I was first given this book in college for my Senior Seminar class. I found myself firmly on the "pro" side of this book, despite my instinctive desire to toss it away and ignore everything is had to say. I read it in a day and have owned 3 copies since. I have simply known too many men in my life that this book fits. And, I am sorry to admit, I have been guilty of some of the things he talks about women doing. The facts listed in this book will blow your mind, but you may find that it solidifies your views into a whole new world. The only issue with this book is not the book itself, but its straightforward, unappologietic manner. It is easy to read this book and want to get mad about it, (especially the women) rather than keeping an open view. If you can slosh through the brine of your own emotions though, and look at the truth behind it, it is completely worth it. If you cannot consider, for just a moment, that your worldview might be wrong, don't read it, you'll just get upset. If you can, I salute you. Women, you may understand men better. Men, you may understand yourselves better.